Apryl Jones Says She’s Single Until Marriage — Even if in Relationship, Gets Roasted

Apryl Jones recently hopped onto an Instagram Live session and said no matter who she’s dating, she’ll always consider herself single until marriage.

“Let me just also say this ’cause y’all keep asking me if I’m single, so I am gonna address this,” said Jones. “I will always be single, even when I’m in a relationship. You wanna know why? Until a m- – – – – – – – – – -g ring is on this finger, I’m single as f–k.”

“I really believe in that,” she added. “So that’s just what it is. I’m always gonna be single until there’s a ring on this finger … I’m single until I’m married.”

It’s probably no surprise that a lot of folks responded to Jones’ IG Live session and some agreed with her reasoning.

“Period. I’m single until married,” wrote one Instagram user. “Put a ring on my finger or the next man might. ??‍♀️ I’m not limiting myself.”

But the majority seemed to not only disagree with Jones’ logic, they clowned her as well.

Lmao bet you whatever man she end up with will reciprocate that same energy,” someone wrote. 

“How you gon get a ring on yo finger if you always act single while you in a relationship ??,” another person asked. 

“Went from being the good woman to the bitter bad one. Healing is needed,” read a third comment.

Plus, someone else wrote, “I think I liked her better when I didn’t know who she was.” 

Jones has received plenty of backlash ever since she began dating Lil Fizz. That’s because she was in a relationship with Omarion Grandberry until they split in 2016. Fizz and Grandberry were in the group B2K together. 

Jones was accused of causing a rift between the two men and affecting their group as well.

In January, Jones implied that she and Fizz parted waysbecause they want to focus on their children.

Grandberry, who has two children with Jones, also talked about the relationship and said it didn’t bother him.

“I don’t feel any way about it,” he said in November. “I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy. I think they should change the narrative, though. She’s still the mother of my children.”

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