Antonio Brown has officially made his debut as the rapper known as “AB” … and his first music video is a 2-minute showcase of his wealth, his jewelry and butt models.

A WHOOOOLE LOTTA butt models.

The controversial NFL superstar has taken his talents to the recording booth as he awaits his football future … and showed off his Future-esque crooning with the single “Whole Lotta Money.”

Wanna guess what it’s about?? Here are some lyrics to help you out.

“Whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, whole lotta money. I gotta whole lotta money, you can’t hold nothin’ from me.”

Of course, the track reflects Brown’s real-life probs lately … considering he filed grievances against the Raiders and Patriots in hopes to get more than $40 MILLION (a whole lotta money) in unpaid salaries earlier this season.

But, enough about the legal mumbo jumbo … the big takeaway is how much glute AB was able to fit into a 2-minute music video. It’s truly remarkable.

The vid also features duffle bags full of — you guessed it — money, his $200k diamond chain and all that good rap stuff.

As for the reception?? Check out the YouTube comments for yourself.

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