ANTONIO BROWN DID YOU KNOW I GOT SHOT IN THE EAR?!? I’ll Explain On New Album With Sean Kingston

Antonio Brown is making use of all his downtime by getting in the booth with Sean Kingston to share his story through music … which, apparently, includes police chases and GETTING SHOT IN THE EAR!!!

The free-agent receiver teased a music project with the “Beautiful Girls” crooner on Monday … saying he’ll be talking about real-life experiences with his lyrics.

“Going to be telling my story in these songs all truth….. I had the biggest police chase at fiu university campus. Mario Cristobal was the coach ask him!”

“Or Me getting shot in the ear In the left ? In liberty city pink n grey projects! Then I walk on to CMU !!! 2020 ? records.”

Did you process that? AB says he got SHOT in the ear and was involved in a POLICE CHASE and somehow, nobody ever found out about it. Crazy!

FWIW — this is the first time we’re hearing about both incidents and yeah, we’re trying to get more info!

Unclear how long AB has been working on the project or when it’s expected to drop — though he’s teasing a Friday release. So, stay tuned on that …

AB shared a track snippet off the upcoming project … and it doesn’t sound terrible(?).

Obviously, Brown’s got nothing but time these days — he’s still trying to get back in the NFL after being cut by the New England Patriots back in Sept. … but it’s unlikely he gets back on a roster during the 2019 season.

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