Antonio Brown was greeted with at least three police squad cars this AM — all because his baby mama didn’t think it’d be a good idea to pick up their kid’s clothes by herself.

The unemployed wide receiver posted a crazy video Saturday morning that showed him filming police officers surrounding his Hollywood, FL property — which eventually ended with him ordering his friend to drop off a bunch of kid’s clothes with one of the cops on the scene.

According to law enforcement sources, we’re told this was at the request of one of AB’s baby mamas — who put in a request with Hollywood PD to have them there for a “civil standby” as she picked up some clothes from him, which belonged to a child they share.

Our sources say they weren’t responding to anything wrong or illegal AB had done … cops were simply there to make sure the exchange went down peacefully and without incident. We’re told no crime was committed, and no arrests were made on either end.

Based on AB’s Instagram story from a few hours earlier … it appears this might have something to do with his baby mama, Chelsie Kyriss … with whom he has 3 kids.

He threw up what appear to be text messages between her and another person, which AB seemed to believe are about him, as he captioned his own screen grabs of the text exchange with … “These hoes been liening,” as well as, “These hoes be discussing your funds too.”

There’s a pic of Chelsie in the texts too BTW — and just earlier this week, he tweeted something else that seemed to be a shot at her, with him writing … “No more white woman 2020.” For her part, Chelsie reportedly responded by saying he was characterizing the texts … and said she had photos of him that’d “end your entire life!” She says he’s playing victim.

Anyway, whatever the hell was going on at his crib … he definitely let the cops know he was sick of them coming by — saying they couldn’t force their way in on a G.O.A.T.

AB is dragging his baby mama’s father into his messy spat, tagging Todd Kyriss in a blistering message … which alleges Chelsie’s been staying in hotels.

Antonio writes, “Come get your daughter @geepak she bringing the police to my house 3 days in a row; when she is block on my gate trying to say she stay here when she been staying in hotels!”

He continues, “You came here thanksgiving stayed in hotel with her! You got her other two kids help her be her Dad !!” AB’s also live tweeting incoherent messages right now, seemingly unrelated to his beef with Chelsie … but which come off as defensive, nonetheless.

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