Angela Yee Tries To Drag Gucci Mane: ‘ Google What He Looked Like In 2009!!’

Angela Yee has fired back at Gucci Mane, telling folks to “Google what he looked like back in 2009.”

Her words come after Gucci called her a “punk-ass b*tch” during a recent interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

“I just don’t really care. It doesn’t affect me, like, it’s not going to affect anything we have going on. I’ ma just continue to do my job,” Yee told Too Fab. “I guess it’s just par for the course. Every now and then, some person does something—somebody says something crazy about us, and then they get a little press out of it. And then life continues. As long as he said we didn’t actually do anything, I’m fine.”

Gucci has always claimed that Angela tried to make a move on him a few years ago, but her recent retort implies that Gucci was not very attractive back then.

“Not when you threaten to slap one of the hosts. I don’t think that’s the smart thing to do. If you’re going to threaten to slap a host on the show, I don’t think you should be allowed in the building. We take those things seriously,” Yee said.

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