Andy Cohen Makes It Clear To Kenya Moore Bravo Is Not ‘Phasing Out’ Nene Leakes

Nene Leakes has been rumored to be in a rocky relationship with the network that made her a household name. After she was not included in multiple episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Andy Cohen is making it clear that they aren’t phasing out the Queen of Atlanta.

Kenya Moore was a guest on Watch What Happens Live where she commented on her relationship with the other women and her life with Marc Daly.

Kenya, like the viewers of RHOA, noticed that Leakes is becoming less and less the center of the series. Some fans feel that they are treating her the same way the treated Vicki Gunvalson before she was demoted and eventually chose to leave the show.

There have also been rumors that Leakes has lost out on hundreds of thousands of dollars because she isn’t being featured in every episode.

However, that isn’t true. Nene did start filming later than her co-stars but she ended up locking down and multi-million, multi-year contract.

Regardless of how much or how little editors decide to show her, Nene is keeping her huge salary as long as she cooperates.

The Glee alum tweeted a question for Moore asking why she’s spreading rumors that she’s being booted from the show which Andy read on WWHL.

Kenya responded that she should ask Bravo because that’s what it seems like.

Cohen told Moore: ‘I don’t think she’s being cut out of episodes because I think everything that was shot with NeNe is in the show. We’re not cutting anything out. I’m saying everything that we shot with her… There’s nothing that’s been left out.’

After the late-night series wrapped, Nene tweeted: ‘The malicious against me is so real (i better be careful tho) On the outside looking in, you would think i have really done something so serious to this group! I have worked on many sets and NOT ONE can give a bad report on me! NOT ONE! Only this group of haters. I HAVE NOT been cut out of any episodes! I negotiated my episodes just like everyone else did! I’m getting every dime i asked for! Thank you for asking and clearing that up @andy That means a lot to me.’

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