Andy Cohen Explains Why #RHOA’s Marlo Will “Never” Get A Peach, Subtle Side-Eye From Kandi Ensues

Kandi Burruss switched seats with RHOA executive producer Andy Cohen and asked him some questions for her web show “Speak On It” and Andy finally revealed why Marlo may never get her own peach. Kandi says she’s been campaigning behind the scenes to get Marlo to hold the Georgia state fruit to no avail. Andy was brief but direct with Kandi, saying she’s never getting one. PERIOD.

I think it’s preliminary to say that she is never getting a peach. I think the short answer on that is we don’t have a consensus among the group. The thing is…she is all over the show. I think people get hung up in semantics. The Housewives is not indentured servitude. Trust and believe people are being taken care of, in one way or another.”

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