Akon Will Develop His Own City in Senegal in the Next 10 Years

When you ask someone to describe what “livin’ lavish” means to them, they may mention things like owning their own mansion, yacht, private jet, or just having a bunch of money in the bank. If you ask Akon, his answer is going to be waaaaaay different from the general consensus. 

In a recent interview with Nick Cannon the Hip-Hop businessman mentioned that he’s working on developing his own city in Senegal called “Akon City”. He’s clearly the first of his kind, and way ahead of his time. He revealed he’s already began building the city since March this year, and the whole city will run on renewable energy sources. The city will also have it’s own airport for people to fly in and out and the businessman will use his cryptocurrency, ‘AKoin’ to build the city’s economy. “Akon City” should be finished in the next 10 years. “Wealth” is not the word to describe Akon’s legacy. The more accurate word to describe what he’s trying to leave behind is “royalty.” ?

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