A$AP Rocky just got catapulted to “primary” status in the impeachment investigation of President Trump … due to the EU Ambassador’s testimony about a phone call regarding the rapper’s Swedish assault case.

Rocky got roped into Wednesday’s hearing because EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland said while he was sitting in a restaurant in Kiev on July 26 … Trump called him and the “primary purpose” of their chat was A$AP.

Sondland testified Wednesday they mostly discussed A$AP’s imprisonment in Sweden … despite claims the phone call involved Trump inquiring about the Ukrainian government investigating Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

As you’ll recall, the rapper was jailed in Sweden for nearly 5 weeks as he awaited trial for assault following an altercation with a man on the street. He was eventually found guilty by a panel of judges, but with no further jail time … Rocky bolted back to the States.

Trump was very vocal about the unfair treatment of Rocky and his administration got involved … and Sondland says that’s what they discussed on that July 26 call.

However — pertaining to the impeachment investigation — Sondland later testified the phone call also “included the subject of investigations” into the Bidens, and stated there was a quid pro quo established between Trump and Ukraine.

So … not good news for the Prez, but ya gotta think Rocky’s not thrilled about why his name is trending either — especially considering his reaction Tuesday when he asked him about Trump’s support.

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