“A New Agency, A New Era”: Jeezy Is Launching His Own Sports Agency, Sports 99

If anyone in this world is a businessman, it’s Jeezy, and he’s looking at expanding his portfolio by getting into a whole new lane. The rapper recently released he claimed will be his last album, TM104: The Legend of the Snowman, and it looks like he’s already looking into what’s going to occupy his time while he’s not in the studio anymore.

According to Yahoo Sports reporter Chris Haynes, the Atlanta native is reportedly planning to launch a sports agency called Sports 99.

Following the news from Haynes, Jeezy went on to elaborate about the situation himself, officially announcing the agency and giving a little insight into what we can expect from his latest venture.

I want to help athletes accumulate real wealth and life skills needed to invest in their future. I’ve always been drawn to athlete culture and making music that motivates and inspires them and others,” the rapper wrote in his announcement. “Integrity and Forward-thinking they aren’t just would they are a lifestyle. I’m proud to announce @sports99official Sports management agency.”

Though this is most definitely an innovative move on Jeezy’s part, he’s far from the first musician to take his talents over to the realm of sports. This move mimics Jay-Z’s agency Roc Nation Sports, which was founded in 2013. Russell Wilson and Ciara also recently became co-owners of a professional soccer team.

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