A Boogie With The Hoodie’s Road Manager Caught Brutalizing Women On Tape

Video has surfaced of man by the name of Yasin Touray, who apparently is the road manager to rapperA Boogie, viciously attacking a group of women in a hotel room in Las Vegas.

The incident occurred while A Boogie was in town for a performance on May 25th. Thankfully, the man has been arrested and charged with felony battery.

In the clip, you see the huge man cold punch one of the women in the face and her body and head slams against a wall. Another runs up to help her and she’s hit with a nasty haymaker too and drops. The man then calmly walks out of the room as the women scream and cry. One checks her teeth in the mirror. Reportedly Touray did damage to her mouth. A few of her teeth were knocked out and nerve roots within her teeth were damaged, according to the police report.

According to a Yahoo report, Touray was reportedly invited into the room by one of the women that he knew. However, they described him as being “agitated.” After asking them if they wanted to go out for dinner, they denied him which caused him to be upset. Afterward, he reportedly wanted to use the washroom but it was occupied by a woman who was naked and changing. The women said they demanded him to “leave their room.” He got physical with them and reportedly started punching them.

Thankfully, the man has been arrested and charged with felony battery. SMH. SICK.

The violent attack was all caught on tape by a witness, Sayyora Badalbaeva, who also starred in “Bad Girls Club.” 

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