Oh You Forgave Him Hoe…

Wendy Wendell took to her IG to post a picture of her and ex co-host. Charlemagne the ever living goddess.. The two reunite after not speaking for nearly a decade. “He learned from the best. Loyalty is everything! My guy is doing his thing,” she captioned the picture.

Charlamagne God suggested that the reason that the relationship between him and Wendy turned sour, is due to messiness between Wendy’s ex-husband and him. Charlamagne uncovered that he was once out traveling with Wendy Williams and her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. Hunter supposedly flew out his sidepiece, Sharina. Sharina was evidently attempting to hook up with one of Charlamagne’s friends and when Hunter discovered this, it caused strife among him and Charlamagne.

“Kev, you deserve everything that is happening to you right now because you do understand that everything you attempt to do to someone has already been done to you,” Charlamagne continued. “You were so busy trying to get me fired, and look…”

Wendy Williams’s soon-to-be ex-husband is being fired as her manager and executive producer of the TV show amidst this divorce scandal. He mentioned during his “Donkey of the Day” segment.

Once Wendy filed for divorce, Wendy announced on her show that Charlamagne reached out to her, to invite her to dinner to “extend the olive branch.”

“For me, as someone who used to be friends with Wendy, work with Wendy, and having a front-row seat to a lot of the abuse I saw her endure, I’m just happy that she’s finally free of that stuff.”

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