This was a strange exchange.

Previous controversial remarks made by singer Tank once again have commanded attention, this time because of a comment made by Charlamagne Tha God. Many of us recall when Tank visited Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast and engaged in a conversation that led to him saying just because a man performs oral sex on another man twice, it doesn’t mean that he’s gay. Tank would later argue that although he’s heterosexual, there are many people who often experiment sexually in order to discover their preferences.

There were plenty of responses to Tank‘s comments, leading the singer to come forward and defend himself. Charlamagne would issue a bit of commentary of his own, saying, “If you sucked two penises in your life as a man, you may not be gay, but, at the least, you’re bisexual.” On Monday, a year-old video of Charlamagne re-surfaced on social media and began to circulate. On it, The Breakfast Club host clearly stated, “If Tekashi 6ix9ine beats this case, I will suck his d*ck and he doesn’t even have to ask me.”

Tank used this soundbite to clap back at Charlamagne who criticized his comments just a month ago. “@cthagod just don’t do it twice!” the screenshot comment read. Then, Tank wrote, “You tried to clown me for having an opinion when the whole time you were committed to the act.. No judgement here.. Just wanna know how you feel after and if you’ll need a second time to really process his freedom.”

Charlamagne responded that Tank is mistaken. “Pleading guilty and cooperating is not beating your case furthermore why are you entering this chat???”

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