50 Cents’ Girlfriend, Cuban Link (Jamira Heines), Publicly Shames Him For This Ugly Gift — Rapper Gets Her To Delete The Photo

According to recent reports, it appears that 50 Cent may be a skillful rapper, but he still has a lot to learn when it comes to picking up presents for his girlfriend. 

The rapper’s partner, Jamira Heines, who is mostly known under her social media username, Cuban Link, was not thrilled about the gift she received from the TV producer for this year’s Valentine’s Day and she did not hesitate to voice her disappointment online.

The 24-year-old aspiring corporate lawyer took to Instagram to show a picture of the heavy diamond necklace she got from 50 Cent for the romantic occasion. 

The post, which was later removed, was captioned with the words, “idk why he got me this, now I look like I got an album coming out,” in combination with a face-palming emoji and a couple of love ones.

Meanwhile, the law student also shared a picture of her present for 50 Cent. In the snap, Heines could be seen posing to the camera in fiery red lingerie from Fashion Nova.

One person had this reaction: “I love y’all together because who would’ve expected this ???. Period! You make him look good! He has a good woman by his side.❤️U telling us to go to the gym without even saying it now.???

The couple is no stranger to making fun of each other, and earlier this month, 50 Cent joked about Heines’s sneakers. 

The 44-year-old rapper shared footage of his girlfriend doing her workout and made a fashion-related suggestion by stating, “who told her a$s to work out in Chanel sneakers. What’s wrong with Nike’s @_cuban_link they come in every color”.

However, it appears that Heines was not impressed by his humor, as she commented that he could buy her the sneakers he wanted to and invited him to visit the mall.

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