50 Cent Shoots His Shot At Lizzo The Lezbo..Calls Her ‘Big Sexy’!! #thegagofitall?

New Zealand. And yesterday he used social media to reach halfway across the globe – and shoot his shot at pop sensation Lizzo.

Music mogul and rap star Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson posted a sexy video of Lizzo, gyrating and twerking in lingerie.

And he asked his followers if they thought they could “handle” a big woman like Lizzo. Then he called the beautiful pop star “Big Sexy.”

Both 50 and Lizzo fans flooded the comments, hoping that the two superstars could eventually hook up.

50 Cent shut off his Instagram this week after he came under fire for making a joke about a group of Chinese hackers, called the 50 Cent Army.

50 posted, “What is this s**t, I’m trying to find my army,” along with a screengrab of an article about the 50 Cent Army. “do I have to go to China to find my Army … I just want to be apart of it. LOL,” he wrote in another post, adding an unamused face emoji.

A few minutes after he posted the tweet, Instagram disabled his account.

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