44 Graves Of African-Americans From 1954 Found Under Pinellas County School District Parking Lot

Florida will never cease to amaze us with their consistent elevation and evolution of their signature brand of f***ery. 

According to a Tampa Bay Times report, 44 forgotten graves of African-Americans have been found under a parking lot owned by the Pinellas County School District. It isn’t known what the name of the former cemetery was but officials are referring to it as “North Greenwood Cemetery”.

This is the–one, two, three…THIRD time that lost graves of Black people have been discovered in the Tampa Bay area since AUGUST! 

Seriously, Florida, what the f**k???

The report highlighted the need for continued investigation,” said Clearwater City Manager Bill Horne, who addressed the discovery at a news conference with Zebbie Atkinson IV, president of the NAACP Clearwater/Upper Pinellas branch and Clint Herbic, associate superintendent for Pinellas schools.

“It’s an unfortunate situation that America has the history it has and has done very little if anything to make amends for the atrocities of the past,” Atkinson said. “We need to work together to find the answer so all hearts are satisfied in the end.”

To make matters worse, that property had been set for a one-of-a-kind project called The Homeless Empowerment Program. The city and the school district were planning to build 39 affordable housing units on the grounds and the school would run the nonprofit adult education curriculum.

This doesn’t mean that that project has to come to an end,” he said. “Maybe we just kind of take a look at our property … and tweak those plans a little bit.”

Third time. That’s unacceptable. We would say “do better” but it’s Florida so…yeah…

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