Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley’s brief split is set to play out on Real Housewives of Atlanta according to the latest trailer released. Now that the they are reunited, there are still some kinks that they have to work out.

A source has revealed that the couple has been arguing about their prenup. Both of the new parents have a lot to lose if they get divorced and they want to protect their bests interests.

As easy as it sounds, the two are disagreeing on what to include in the important document.

Porsha is believed to be a higher earner than Dennis. In addition to her RHOA salary, Porsha has multiple businesses and comes from a prominent southern family.

Meanwhile, Dennis is the CEO of the Hot Dog Factory that has multiple chains, a hair boutique (just like Porsha), and recently started a new venture that details aren’t available on just yet.

Porsha and Dennis have had multiple fights on camera about the prenup. They have had at least two blowouts that were filmed for the show. Porsha has more money than Dennis. And she wants to protect everything just in case it doesn’t work out after all,’ a source told Radar Online.

The insider went on to say: ‘All of the drama is a big part of the show and Dennis is right there willing to film with Porsha. And so is his mom. They’re really good at getting the fights on camera.’

This isn’t hard to believe considering that before the split, Porsha and Dennis needed to iron out more details of their relationship before they tied the knot. The two were in therapy and receiving criticism from McKinley’s mom.

If the happy couple can’t agree soon, the wedding may be off for a second time. What do you think the issue is with the prenup?

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