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  1. Hey Khia this is my first time here on your site. I got tired of watching YouTube clips. And decided to come over to your platform.
    Keep doing you Queen🥰

  2. Accidentally removed my subscription, there’s no way for me to get another subscription ton the site that is. Every time I’m at the page to subscribe it tells “please select a subscription” then there’s no subscriptions for me to choose from.

    -Gag Nation

  3. OOOMMMGGG Khia Im having issues trying to sign up for your website.. I need a reset or w/e.. I love you sooo much.. Please reach out to me ASAP..

  4. I’m not a lesbian but to each it’s own🤷🏾 but I pay my 😻 bill faithfully to hear the Queen. Chile, I love me some Khia 🤩

  5. I Love me some Queen Khia. Between The Almighty , the gags , & You Khia have gotten me through so much craziness ( Especially since I’m in expensive ass L.A) . I got everybody calling these weirdos out here ” Mutants ” , just like The Queen be callin them . You my hero Khia #TeamKhia #GagNation

  6. Hey Sis love you. A hoe is active for 30 days…don’t worry I’ll buy again in June💜💜💜💜

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