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  1. Hey Khia this is my first time here on your site. I got tired of watching YouTube clips. And decided to come over to your platform.
    Keep doing you Queen🥰

  2. Accidentally removed my subscription, there’s no way for me to get another subscription ton the site that is. Every time I’m at the page to subscribe it tells “please select a subscription” then there’s no subscriptions for me to choose from.

    -Gag Nation

  3. OOOMMMGGG Khia Im having issues trying to sign up for your website.. I need a reset or w/e.. I love you sooo much.. Please reach out to me ASAP..

  4. I’m not a lesbian but to each it’s own🤷🏾 but I pay my 😻 bill faithfully to hear the Queen. Chile, I love me some Khia 🤩

  5. I Love me some Queen Khia. Between The Almighty , the gags , & You Khia have gotten me through so much craziness ( Especially since I’m in expensive ass L.A) . I got everybody calling these weirdos out here ” Mutants ” , just like The Queen be callin them . You my hero Khia #TeamKhia #GagNation

  6. Hey Sis love you. A hoe is active for 30 days…don’t worry I’ll buy again in June💜💜💜💜

  7. I’m trying to watch today’s gag order and I am getting an error message stating this file is not supported. Can you please look into this. Its not a payment issue, because every month I renew my subscription.

  8. Hey Queen. Gag order episode for today is giving out an error message stating this file is not supported. Please look into this, so we can all view and gag.

  9. The 6/20 is not down loaded to the website it’s showing as an error when you click on the play tab

  10. Can we talk about Saucy Silverback for what he said about the gays being the blueprint for women! Put his ass on the docket again!

  11. ShekinahShekinahShekinahShekinaaaahhh
    Queen, I’ve listen to Next Caller at least 15 hunnet times, but on today I gagged when I heard the extra on
    Zero fucks given fuck yo opinion I got “minnnesssSSsss”

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  13. Khia please take down July the 4th and July the 11th videos and repost them. they keep buffing. Us the people are missing the gags.

  14. Khia, can you post your video with the 360p or 480p. Because the 720p is too high and it causes the video to constantly buff throughout the video. The 360p or the 480p will allow the video to play for all computers without interruption.

  15. He Queen & Gag Nation. Is there a Gag Order for Monday July 18 2022 ? Cause it’s not coming up for me. Love you Queen #TeamKhia

  16. Queen I’m trying to renew my subscription but it is not allowing me to. Can you help with this?

  17. Why is all her comment only about successful black women? She don’t get on nobody else ass? Dat shit weird af… you can’t roast the Kardashians ? Any other yt hoes only black huh shit weird af and they love it because they love seeing a black woman ripped to shreds anyway & since they can’t say it without sounding racist they gone sit and watch her do it 🤢

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