*Josie Harris, mother to three ofFloyd Mayweather’s children — who was found dead in her car earlier this month — was writing a tell-all book about the beatings she suffered at the hands of the famed boxer before she died. 

Harris, 40, was found dead at the wheel of her car by police in California on March 9. She and Mayweather had a tumultuous relationship when they dated between 1995 and 2010. Floyd was sentenced to 90 days in prison in 2010 on a domestic violence charge against her, USA Today reported.

Years later, when he denied the abuse allegations during an interview with Katie Couric, Harris sued him for $20 million for defamation. The next court date in the case was set for December 2020, according to The Blast.

Excepts from the unpublished book details Josie’s “last beat down” in 2010, when Floyd was convinced she was cheating on him with a man named CJ.  

According to The Sun, Josie recalled how he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her around the room of her home in Las Vegas “like a rag doll” while screaming: “I’ll f**king kill you.”

A friend of Harris decided to share the excerpts because: “Josie deserves to have her voice heard, now more than ever,” the report states. 

My eyes flew open to the sound of my own screams. Pain was searing through my skull when I looked up and saw Floyd. He was holding the back of my hair, standing over me with one hand, punching the back of my head with the other… dragging me off the sofa and pulling me across the room,” Josie writes. 

Furniture in the living room was falling as he pulled me like a rag doll.”

“I shuddered at the agonizing pain I felt in my head and screamed again until he let me go…

Before I could say anything Floyd again tightened his grip on my hair and beat the back of my head…”

“He was determined to teach me a lesson. I could see it in his eyes. But, I knew I couldn’t lay down, so I fought back.”

“I knew the power that Floyd Mayweather had in those hands and I was afraid now,” she wrote.

“‘Motha fuckin’ b***h, I want you outta’ my house…! Givin’ my money to C.J..’ he spat out in disgust.

When I sat up he grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back…..’Floyd, please, stop hitting me! Please, I’m begging you…’” she recalls saying to him.

“His mood had become even darker now, and I was really afraid for my life. I knew I had to get help.

“’I’ll stop hitting you when you go down, b***h!’” Mayweather allegedly replied.

Harris added: “Somebody, please call 911,” I screamed. I opened my eyes as he grabbed my hair again. I felt like he was pulling my scalp off of my skull. I put both hands up to my hair, trying to ease the pain.

He had hit me before and I had been violent toward him in our relationship,” she writes. “But, I knew this had to be the last beat down.”

Their son Koraun, then aged 11, jumped over the fence to get help from security, who called 911 while Mayweather sped off in this car.

The legendary boxer was jailed over the attack and served two months in jail. The pair ultimately split up.

Following her death, Mayweather took to social media to pay tribute to Harris, calling her “My Love,” “My Rock,” “My Sweetheart,” “My Family,” and “My Friend.” 

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