If those rumors about only getting paid per episode are true, Nene Leakes isn’t getting paid much for this season of RHOA.

Nene Leakes has been in and out of some episodes – waltzing in at the last second to start a fight, dropping news about a recording that may or may not exist, talking crap about her former friends.  But she certainly hasn’t been featured as a main cast member.  There are so many rumors about her presence on the show, but there seems to be a general consensus that she angered someone (multiple people?) in RHOA production and that’s why she has been featured so little.

In a preview on BravoTV.com, Nene sat down with Cynthia Bailey to hash things out.  Nene is still insistent that she heard a recording of Cynthia talking about her.  I’m still insistent that if there was a recording, we would have heard it by now.  Nene claims that Cynthia was out doing interviews about Nene before she did any about Cynthia.  7 interviews!  What a housewife thing to say.

In a tweet from earlier this week, Nene didn’t seem to be bothered by any of the drama with her place on the show or the drama with Cynthia.  But Nene also hired well-known (for all the wrong reasons) attorney Lisa Bloom about a week ago and insists that “big things” are coming.  There’s been much speculation about what that could mean, but Nene has not commented on it further.

Of course, it’s in her best interest to have everyone speculate on her life – but hiring an attorney like Lisa Bloom is expensive.  What in the world could Nene need her for?

Since we know Nene will be paid for this episode, perhaps she will be featured for more than two minutes at a time.  You never know though, maybe that’s why she hired Lisa…

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