?So Wendell Was Right And Judge Khiadumas Was Wrong? ??Chileeeeeee ? ????

Word On The Curb..Erica Been A Hoe Mena
Finally Admits Wendy Wendell Orenthawl Bartholomew Clyde Cleadus Pookie Earl Seafess James Bernard Richard Ray Leonard Willie Wonka Curtis Joe Dean Sambo Johnny Frank Charles Patrick Wayne Clifford Willy Wonka Big Foot Hercules Jolly Green Giant Theotis Hezekiah Walker Williams Was ‘Right’ Amid Divorce From Safaree.

Erica Mena and Safaree are currently expecting their second child together and going through a divorce at the same damn time.

While both parties have remained fairly quiet about the behind-the-scenes unravellings that led to their relationship’s demise, it seems like Erica isn’t afraid to admit that other folks saw this coming the whole time.

In response, Wendy went on to explain that she encouraged Erica to divorce Safaree and not allow him in the room for the birth of of their second child.

This follows claims from Safaree recently, who says he was afraid that his estranged wife won’t allow him to be present for the birth of their second child, so he wants to take his fight to court. He has also refused to give her full custody of their daughter and their unborn child.

Been A Hoe is now claiming that all this drama surrounding their divorce has to be at least partly respon she’s landed in the hospital during her pregnancy. Erica noted that Safaree has “failed to be involved in her care or to visit her at the hospital during her most recent stay, where she remained overnight for many days related to her pregnancy.”

Erica also claims Safaree’s latest request for shared custody of their children is only being done “in hopes of obtaining ‘good publicity’ and painting [Erica] as the instigator, while in actuality, [Erica’s] the only parent ensuring the parties’ children’s safety and acting in their best interest.”

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