?A TOTAL Liar! ???? #gagnation ⚖️

Say it aint so bald head scaly wag boot mouth scooby doo dog face lil boy PAM from total TOTALLY pulled a Pinocchio ..and claims shes a lier…not a pretty little lier cuz ..welp ya gosta be pretty for that??? she pulled a Pinocchio shes a lier and SHE’S A REAL BOY! Ole uglass. Said she lied on her ex husband about sexually abusing her when married….and we DIDNT believe yaaaaaaa LMAO force himself to fuck old buddy ole pal girl bye u look every bit of 1 of the homies who raping a bulldagga??? Thats like young ma being pent down by a big black cock we just cant see it….we do however see u having orgies with Diddy you are strong enough for a man yet still a woman right up diddys back alley…we sentence this stray dog to a lie detector cuz ya nose big as hell and growing from the lies you speak…ZAP this whore with 1 million voltz and lock her up with dick em down kelly let him show u how a real rape goes down piss shit and herpy dicks!!!!!

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