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Word At The Flea Market..Nivea Say Lil Wayne Dick made her QUIT Music Then he Sneakily Married Toya—‘She Was So Heartbroken’ And Weeeeeeeee Doooooooon’t Caaaaaaaaaare

Chileeeeeee They say Nivea is blowing up social media for her raw and revealing interview with Kandi Gurl for Kandi’s “On That Note” Youtube series.

For the first time, Nivea detailed some of the heartbreaking career pitfalls and failed romances she’s experienced and fans were shocked by her unfiltered honesty.

One of the most shocking revelations Nivea made was regarding her relationship with Lil Wayne with whom she shares a son, Neal.

Nivea said it was Lil Wayne who convinced her to quit her music career at the peak of her success, despite the huge investment made into her by her record label. To soothe her, Lil Wayne allegedly promised to “take care” of Nivea financially, but things took a weird turn when suggested that they move out of the house they shared and get an apartment instead.

I’m just sitting there, like, being a housewife,” said Nivea. “All of a sudden — this is kind of funny — he was like, ‘I ain’t never stay in an apartment before. Let’s get an apartment!’ So we move out the house and get an apartment.”

Later Nivea discovered that Wayne urged her to move out so he could sneakily move the mother of his child, Toya Jonson, into the house.

Nivea and Lil Wayne broke up temporarily and she went on to marry producer/singer/songwriter The Dream with whom she shares three kids.

Nivea detailed to Kandi for the first time what led her and Wayne to get back together after her divorce. She says Wayne reached out to work on a record with her but it was never released because he supposedly dissed her on the track.

After persistently trying to reach out to her and after her split from Dream, Nivea gave Wayne another chance only to get pregnant at the same time as Lauren London, another surprise she said.

Nivea also added that because of her ups and downs with Lil Wayne, she bonded with Lauren and Toya because they all shared wacky experiences with the rapper.

Both Toya and Lauren have responded to Nivea’s interview.

Love you. You are pure magic and strength,” commented Lauren on Instagram.

“Great interview. So proud of you,” said Toya.

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